Sarah, Yanna, Wendy
Formed in 2021

KORES TRIO are Three Women Musicians

We are KORES TRIO, imagined in 2020, formed in 2021.

Wendy Nieper is the ‘soul’ of our Trio; a versatile leading soprano, Classical and Jazz, a Vocal Coach and University Lecturer and previously a ‘Swingle Singer’ who can vocalize percussion to perfection!

Sarah Waycott is a diverse, evocative flautist who is also a conductor and cellist. Sarah and Wendy frequently share the vocal line in KORES.

Sarah and Yanna are also known as ANIMO, flute and piano duo.

Yanna Zissiadou is the pianist of the Trio who also volunteers to perform on castanets, cajon and any other unrelated instruments to enhance the KORES sound.

We are based around Gloucestershire/Herefordshire, UK.  It was through another collaboration between Animo and Martin Bills that KORES met and we hope to make our own history in performing stunning music for this unusual combination.

Each of us have our own websites if you fancy looking us up!

Wendy Sarah Yanna

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The name KORES

Kore, plural korai, type of freestanding statue of a maiden—the female counterpart of the kouros, or standing youth—that appeared with the beginning of Greek monumental sculpture in about 660 BC and remained to the end of the Archaic period in about 500 BC. Over this period the kore remained essentially the same, although, as in all Greek art, it evolved from a highly stylized form to a more naturalistic one.