KORES are preparing for a concert at Hellens Manor, Much Marcle on August 1st, 2021. The event is the first one after lockdown restrictions and it was postponed from August last year – when KORES was not in existence! The concert was originally shared between Martin Bills, whose songs Wendy Nieper and Eve Loiseau are performing, and ANIMO but this year we decided to introduce some pieces played by KORES: Wendy, Sarah and Yanna. We are all a big family of musicians eager to communicate our music. For tickets, please click here.

Award winning composer Martin Bills and Animo have teamed up to offer a concert that transcends musical boundaries and eras. Performing Martin’s song cycle are the celebrated soprano and jazz singer Wendy Nieper, joined by well-known Edith Piaf interpreter Eve Loiseau and accompanied by Yanna Zissiadou. Animo will be performing their own ‘soulful’ repertoire and premiere new compositions written specifically for them. In this concert musical styles meld imperceptibly to allow the music to flow without boundaries.

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